PhytoNutri Vitamins

PhytoNutri Vitamins

We have introduced a range of products to help you to look after your patients body & health the way nature intended. PhytoNutri is a practitioner only range of whole food supplements that are actually ‘food state’ supplements, made from real food, unlike many so-called ‘natural’ supplements.

Reduced levels of vitamins & minerals from depleted soil & food nutrients or an imbalance within the body causes a wide range of symptoms. Indeed, two times Nobel Laureate for Chemistry, Linus Pauling, said:

“You can trace every sickness, every disease & every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.

The absorption & utilisation of the PhytoNutri food state supplements gives your patients and you nearly 100% of the active food nutrients.

Restore the body the natural way!

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